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JJCL furniture accessories export zone, located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, known as the "furniture manufacturing center" and "furniture material capital," said Longjiang Town, industry and trade combined with the management mode of furniture materials company. The company was established for many years, has been dedicated to build China's furniture industry and the international well-known brands.

Main products: soft materials, sofa materials, furniture hardware, furniture accessories, etc.;
The company in good faith first, product innovation, quality products, reasonable prices, making products sold at home and abroad, for many years in the broad masses of customers to establish a good reputation.
The company in line with "constant self spur, to meet customer requirements," the purpose, welcome new and old customers to visit. JJCL is willing to work with you to seek common development, we sincerely invite customers to sample, to map production and negotiate orders.
In the future, we are confident that you will be our long-term friendly partner.

      JJCL家具配件出口专区,位于中国广东省佛山市内,素有“家具制造重镇”和“家具材料之都”之称的龙江镇,是以工贸结合的经营模式的家具材料公司。公司成立多年来,一直全心打造中国家具行业以及国际上的知名品牌。  主要产品:软体材料、沙发材料、家具五金、家具配件等; 

Sofa function hinge 沙发功能铰链
Stainless steel parts 不锈钢配件
Advanced hardware pin 高级五金脚
Sofa function frame 沙发功能架
Invisible bed accessories 隐形床配件
Wooden sofa 沙发木架
Dining table accessories 餐台茶几配件
Boutique furniture 家具精品
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The professional platform, JJCL Asia international furniture material network has been operating for 13 years, the industry leader, brand first, integrity first, multi conditional security. Has received the attention and support of the new and old customers, the purchase price of our support a number of bank transactions, high safety coefficient, inventory case payment within 1 day of delivery, inventory payment delivery within 10 days; we have their own independent partners "logistics park, tracking, reduce transportation cost is our service tenet, more wholeheartedly with you to handle logistics every details. Acceptance duties: our JJC platform products are required to pass through the multi acceptance and hand confirmed, multiple quality inspection pass through the layers, in order to allow the product to be organized into various regions of the world.
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